Basic Spoken English

  • Duration : 90 days
  • Total 15 Lectures
  • Author : Easy Way Learn
basic spoken english

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  • Basic Spoken English

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Course Overview

Do you find English Grammar to be confusing and scary? Are you tired of learning the literature grammar but still not being able to use it while speaking? If English were a human body, Grammar would be its soul. It is true that Grammar is an integral part of speaking correct English, but it is important to focus on which part of grammar is actually required to speak English. Foundational English is one such product which is designed using Applied Grammar, that is, grammar essential only for learning Basic English. From solving the dilemma of ‘It’s/Its’, ‘Their/There’, to different parts of speech, to clearing the basic doubts of ‘Much/Many’, ‘A Little/A Few’ and even how to tell the time properly! To finally solve the confusion of using an apostrophe and understanding the games of vowels, the Foundational English is vested with all the basic structural formulas to help you strengthen the basics of English. One slight grammatical mistake, and people judge you as a criminal. To avoid that, get your Foundational English plan now!

Course Syllabus

  • Lecture: 1
    How To See The Time:
  • Lecture: 2
    Use & Misuse of Apostrophe
  • Lecture: 3
    Games Of Vowels
  • Lecture: 4
    Parts Of Speech
  • Lecture: 5
    Kinds Of Nouns
  • Lecture: 6
    Abstract Nouns (Word - Building)
  • Lecture: 7
  • Lecture: 8
    Kinds Of Pronouns
  • Lecture: 9
    Relative Pronouns
  • Lecture: 10
    There / Their
  • Lecture: 11
    It's / Its
  • Lecture: 12
    A Little / A Few
  • Lecture: 13
    Much / Many
  • Lecture: 14
    How Much / How Many
  • Lecture: 15
    Introduction To The Sentence:

Nikhat Khan16-Sep-2021

Very Good

As a name says, really helpful to understand the topics in easy way


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