Improve your English vocabulary: avoid using VERY

Publised : 22 February 2024

Hey, fellow language enthusiasts! Let's embark on a linguistic adventure and shake off the shackles of "very." It's time to infuse your vocabulary with a dash of creativity and bid adieu to the mundane. Get ready to unleash a torrent of tantalizing terms that will transform your speech from bland to grand!

1. *Totally Tubular*: Say goodbye to "very cool" and embrace the radness of "totally tubular"! It's like stepping into a time machine and cruising back to the '80s. For instance, "That skateboard trick was totally tubular – I wish I could pull off moves like that!"

2. *Mega Marvelous*: When "very awesome" just won't cut it, upgrade to "mega marvelous"! It's like cranking up the awesomeness to eleven. Picture this: "The concert last night was mega marvelous – I'm still buzzing from the energy!"

3. *Epic*: Tired of being just "very excited"? Let's kick it up a notch with "epic"! It's like unleashing a tsunami of enthusiasm. Imagine saying, "The news about the road trip had me epic excited – I've already packed my bags!"

4. *Completely Zonked*: When "very tired" doesn't capture the sheer exhaustion you're feeling, try "completely zonked"! It's like admitting defeat in the battle against sleepiness. Try this on for size: "After hiking all day, I was completely zonked – I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!"

5. *Phenomenal*: Instead of settling for "very good," why not aim for "phenomenal"? It's like unleashing a fireworks display of praise. For example, "The party was phenomenal – I've never had so much fun in my life!"

6. *Roaring*: When something's not just "very loud" but so loud it rattles your bones, you've gotta go with "roaring"! Picture this: "The crowd at the stadium was roaring – I could barely hear myself think!"

7. *Abysmal*: "Very bad" doesn't even scratch the surface of how terrible something can be. That's where "abysmal" comes in! It's like plunging into the depths of despair. Like, "The weather forecast for the weekend looks abysmal – I guess it's a Netflix-and-chill kind of weekend!"

8. *Ultra-Strict*: When "very strict" just won't cut it, try "ultra-strict" instead! It's perfect for describing rules or people that are stricter than strict. For example, "The teacher's grading policy was ultra-strict – there was no room for error!"

9. *Stupefying*: Instead of being just "very surprised," let's go for "stupefying"! It's like blowing your mind with astonishment. Try this out: "The magic trick was stupefying – I still can't figure out how he did it!"

10. *Unbelievable*: Lastly, let's talk about when you're not just "very surprised" but so shocked you're questioning reality. That's when "unbelievable" swoops in to save the day! Try this out: "The news of her promotion was unbelievable – I'm still pinching myself!"

So there you have it – a treasure trove of words to replace the word "very" and add excitement to your vocabulary. Go ahead, sprinkle them into your conversations and watch as your language comes alive with colour and vibrancy!

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